MANCHESTER Storms unexpected victory over Edinburgh Capitals, gives the Manchester based team new found confidence.

After being defeated by the Edinburgh Capitals previously, it was a glorious 4-0 win for the Storms. Currently the teams are next to each other in the Elite League table with both teams potentially ending up in the play offs. The game took place at home for the Manchester Storms, SilverBlades Ice Rink, Altrincham.

The first period saw the first of three goals scored by Darian Dziuzynski with 11 minutes left to play. The Storms triumphed again, with another goal from Dziuzynski with seven minutes left.

This left the Edinburgh Capitals rattled by the end of the first period. The goal scoring stagnated in the second period yet the battle continued.

With great defending from both sides the excitement continued. Although the Manchester side was doing well, there was still optimism for the Scottish side.

Luckily for the Storms they scored another goal thanks to Mark Heatley, bringing the score to 3-0 for the Manchester team.

The Edinburgh Capitals clearly becoming anxious as they tried to score their first goal of the game, persisted on but the Storms stole the show with their fourth goal.

A great win for the huge home crowd to witness and the result needed for the Manchester Storms, with an additional two points ahead of their fight in the play offs.

Next week sees the Manchester Storms take on another Scottish team, the Dundee Stars on the 18th March at 7PM.

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