SALFORD’S Height medical practice received a Pride in Practice award today which celebrates its service to LGBT patients.

Pride in Practice can be awarded to all Primary Care Services, including GP Practices, Dentists, Pharmacies and Optometrists. It is a support package that enables you to effectively meet the needs of LGBT patients and enhance equality. 

The Pride in Practice award has been granted to the Height medical practice for their commitment and dedication to ensuring a patient-centered service and helping the LGBT community to receive more support.

A spokeswoman from the Height medical practice said: “We’re really pleased that we’ve been given this award and it will allow us to be more confident in reaching out to all our patients.

“Hopefully, by us displaying the award and having a noticeboard available, people will then open up to us a little bit more.”

The Height medical practice has undergone assessments and training with its services to ensure that patients feel confident that their local practice will understand and respond to specific needs within the LGBT community.

“Obviously we don’t want to discriminate against anyone and we want everybody who comes to our practice to feel that they are in a safe environment and that we are happy to work and help everybody with our open practice,” the spokeswoman added.

The Pride in Practice scheme was introduced as people from the LGBT community said that they wanted to feel that they could be more open and honest about their sexual orientation, gender identity, trans status and lives with their GPs.


So far, 94% of services that the Pride in Practice have worked with have reported that they are feeling more confident and 96% report that they feel more informed regarding LGBT issues.

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