WITH Crufts recently being held, Mica Robinson set out to learn more about the canine group Cheshire set Flyball team.

To find out more about flyball, and to meet some of the people and dogs involved, Quays News spent some time with Cheshire Set Flyball Team during one of their Saturday morning training sessions.

The team in total is made up of about twelve people and twenty dogs, and train every Saturday between 10am and 12pm at Knutsford Sports Club.

Watch the video to find out more about Flyball and Cheshire Set’s team members about why they love the sport so much.

Flyball is a sport that any person and any dog can be involved in, and so if it appeals to you, there are now a lot more teams in the North West of England than there were years ago, and some – like Cheshire Set – are very local.

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