TONIGHT, 21st March, Trippy Visions, the first ever diffraction party to be held in Manchester will be taking place at Antwerp Mansion. 

The doors of Trippy Visions Party will be opened at 11pm and it will last until 3am.

All the attendees will be given a pair of special glasses in the entrance that will diffract light into various different colours, providing a unique visual experience.

There will be two differently decorated rooms playing uplifting music including house, electro, trippy and techno, while glasses will be hanging from the ceiling.

Elliot Matthews, the organiser and promoter of the event commented: “We wanted to create a unique visual experience with some of Manchester’s most underrated DJ’s.

“We realise that music isn’t enough anymore, people are craving for a new experience, and we want to provide that.”

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The attendance is going to be more than satisfying, with over 300 people present, as all the tickets have been sold out a long time prior to the event.

Mr Matthews said: “We were expecting it to be busy but we never thought it would sell out a month in advance, the response on social media was impressive, making it one of the most popular events in Manchester let alone in Antwerp Mansion. “

This extraordinary happening is organised in association with GloFX, which supplied the diffraction glasses.


“The concept came about when I came across the Rainbow FX website, having worked behind the bar at Antwerp Mansion for over a year, you begin to understand what people like, which events work well and which don’t.

“Nobody had hosted anything close to a diffraction party in Manchester up until that point, so we thought we’d do the first.”, Mr Matthews added.

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