STREET TREATS a group who help to support Manchester’s homeless community are aiming to raise at least £20,000 to buy a bus for the homeless.

If the project is successful, the bus will be refurbished and used as a space for the homeless to live in.

The bus project is one of many ways in which Street Treats are seeking to support the homeless. They also hand out food and clothes in Piccadilly Gardens every Thursday evening.

The group came up with the idea for a bus after seeing posts on social media about groups from other parts of the country that are using buses as living spaces for the homeless.

Street Treats volunteers after a long night's work at Picadilly Gardens
Street Treats volunteers after a long night’s work at Piccadilly Gardens.

On the progress of the project, Daryl Street, a Street Treat volunteer, said: “At the moment it is in its early stages.

“We are hoping that other soup kitchen groups that operate in Manchester will join forces with us. We already have Anon, F2F, SMILE, Bury and Manchester homeless group, and maybe a couple of others involved.”

The groups involved recently met up for a “brainstorming” meeting at the Indian Ocean restaurant, Ashton Under-Lyne. The restaurant provides 100 portions of curry and rice to Street Treats every month.

At this meeting, people were given specific roles to help enable the project to really take off. Plans were also made to go and see an up and running bus for the homeless elsewhere.

More information about Street Treats and their crowdfunder can be found on Facebook and donations can be made via the crowdfunding page.

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