FOLLOWING the recent resurgence of pop punk as the go-to genre for angst-ridden youngsters, Salford’s Egerton Arms presented a whirlwind of raucous groups at ‘Bad Uncle’ as part of Sounds from the Other City festival last Sunday (April 30th).

One such group were Milk Crimes, a Leeds-based outfit with a vibe that echoes the DIY punk trills of Durham City’s Martha and Pale Kids. Striking with a sound that is both formidable and tender, the set, albeit short, was an explosive one: in a stuffy pub packed out with eager fans, the group astounded with powerful guitar throngs and rolling drumbeats, each underlined with an achingly breathless and sincere vocal.

Though the group were only second on the bill, their ground-shaking melodies and tremendous stamina alone should certainly have rendered them suitable for a headline spot. Perhaps, then, next year’s festival circuit will see their status suitably elevated.

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