Jeremy Corbyn launched his election campaign today in Manchester, with Salford Precinct as his first stop on the tour.

At 2:15pm, crowds gathered outside Salford shopping city to hear the Labour leader speak.

With just four weeks until the June the general election, Corbyn will be touring the country to speak directly to the people on his policies and what he will do for the country.  

Paul Dennett, Labour Mayor of Salford was enthusiastic about what Corbyn could do for his community.

He said: “it’s fantastic that Jeremy’s decided to come and visit Salford, his policies speak very much to the people of this city.

“Obviously in Salford at the moment Austerity is a massive concern. Around 86 million has been taken out of the council’s budget since 2010.”

Labour is currently trailing the Conservatives in a series of national polls.

He also spoke on Corbyn and Labour’s plans to help young people, saying: “Young people have zero hour contracts, part time employment.

“They can’t afford to get on the housing ladder. Young people are exploited through the education system, they’re starting their lives and their careers in debt.

“Jeremy speaks to all of that, as does the labour party. For me the Labour party is the party for young people.”

He finished by saying: “We desperately need a Labour government in this general election, so vote labour!”

Corbyn began by speaking out in support of Salford Labour MP Rebecca Long Bailey: “Thank you Salford for your support for Becky in the past, and I know your absolute support to re-elect Becky as your MP on June 8th.

“I asked her to come to the front bench straight away, as I could see her brilliance.”

He continued to briefly summarise what he wants to achieve if he were to be elected. He said: “We have a campaign on our hands now: our agenda is a country for the many, not the few.”

He spoke specifically of Salford and its community: “This city did so much. There is a cultural tradition of working class history, a cultural tradition of working class music, which will never be understood by Theresa May and her cabinet, as they don’t understand how people really live.”

Corbyn ended on a positive and inspired note, saying “We’ve got a bus, we’ve got voices, we’ve got people, we’ve got leaflets, we’ve got endless resources.”

After encouraging the cheering crowd to vote Labour, Corbyn returned to his bus.

Those attending the event spoke on why they were there, and why they want to support Corbyn. Speakers included a full time father, two students, a retiree and a representative from the socialist party.

Some people in attendance were not happy that the BBC were present at the rally.

One woman shouted “You’ll just spin it your way,” at BBC reporters, but other than that there was no conflict at the event- police were present, but unnecessary.

If you haven’t already, register to vote now, and visit your local polling station on June 8th.

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