TWENTY-EIGHT Manchester students have come together to create artwork inspired by an iconic block of flats in London.

The Isokon, a concrete block on Law Road, Hampstead, was designed in 1934 by Wells Coates, as an urban living experiment and continues to inspire new ways of looking at the world.

Groups of Manchester School of Art students from textiles, 3D design, illustration, interactive arts, photography, and art history and curating, designed and created multiple different art pieces to reflect the London building.

Their work was exhibited at Manchester Craft and Design Centre, from May 9-11.

Students Annie Mcintyre, Hazel Sherwin, and Elleanor Goodall explained how the Isokon inspired their artwork.


Annie Mcintyre explained: “I enjoyed the collaboration the most because I’ve never really collaborated with anyone outside of our practice.

“As a furniture designer I’ve always wanted to add colour onto material so I collaborated with a weaver.”

Annie Mcintyre said: “Everybody’s opinions are put forward and everyone’s designs are completely different.

“It is exciting to see the potential you can get from collaborating.”

Elleanor Goodall on the left and Annie Mcintyre on the right     (Photography: Bethany Harms)

Elleanor Goodall said: “I really like working collaboratively it is not something we get to do very often.

“It was challenging at times but it was really rewarding, it is nice to have people who have worked in different areas come together to make a final product.”

Student Hazel Sherwin said: “it was interesting to work in a medium I had never worked in before.

“Collaborating with people is difficult because you have an idea of what it is going to look like and they have a different idea completely.

“I am very happy with the outcome I think it turned out a lot better than expected and things worked out a lot better than I expected them to.”

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