TEENS get drunk at a party, have sex and eventually meet their demise. It’s a plot that’s been rinsed dry by horror films since their conception, so it’s difficult to do much new with the format.

Whilst Game of Death doesn’t necessarily do too much new with the genre, it does pull off everything it attempts with a stylish panache. It’s cast of slightly stereotypical teens gets whittled down surprisingly quickly, though writer Edouard H Bond chooses the correct cast members to make it till the films shocking climactic moments.

There are laughs, shocks and a tear-jerking, if obviously signposted, moments in director duo Sebastian Landry and Laurence Morais-Lagace’s 16-bit video game stylised kill-or-be-killed thriller.

When the game decides to eliminate a victim, there’s a gory, unique visual effect that is sure to last long in the minds of its audience, particularly in the first instance, where no one will quite see it coming.

Over the top performances from Sam Earle, Victoria Diamond and Emelia Hellman help to tie the film together, with Earle as the heel-turn psychopath Tom a particularly entertaining, ridiculous figure.

Game of Death never pretends to be more than a self aware, fun, gory shoot ‘em up horror, but it doesn’t need to. With hilarious running jokes, some interesting character moments and exciting and unique directorial flair, this film is sure to stick longer in the mind than another generic thriller.

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