WITHIN two weeks of their relaunch the Salford RLFC’s Supporter’s Trust has reached 250 members.

As of recent, a group of dedicated and passionate fans reached out to existing Chair of the Salford RLFC Supporters’ Trust Shirley Bradshaw with the idea to relaunch the Supporters’ Trust for the club.

One of those fans to reach out to Shirley was David Campbell, lover of the game and club. David who is from Salford said:

“A new group of fans including myself wanted to relaunch it, and that’s what we have done over the last couple of weeks”.

Back in 2003 the Supporters’ Trust was formed to assist the owners of the club during that period of time however in 2013 the club took a new owner Marwan Koukash and in the years that followed the Trust turned dormant.

Salford Red Devils RLFC supporters trust
Salford Red Devils RLFC supporters trust

Exisiting Chair of the Salford RLFC Supporters’ Trust Shirley Bradshaw said:The Trust was dormant for a few years as Marwan Koukash didn’t engage with us as the previous owner had.

“Although he was aware of the Trust existence when he took over Salford, he never asked us what we did to help the club.

“After trying to keep the Trust going people involved lost interest & it just lay dormant up until earlier this year when I was approached to ask about Forever Reds.”

But a new day is dawning on the club following an official club statement released last Friday explaining the new direction the club is heading and with it bringing security, belonging and continued success.

David says: “Things are changing this year so we thought it was appropriate to relaunch.

“Although we have been in talks with Shirley who is the existing chair, we wanted to relaunch it because we felt the need for it.”

In just two weeks the Trust has grown exponentially with the members count reaching 250 and in the following weeks the Trust is looking to continue its growth.

Asking how many members the old Supporters Trust had to sense a gage of how well the new Trust is doing Shirley says: “When Forever Reds 1st set up we had in excess of 250 members if I remember right”.

David adds: “Forever Reds I believe had in its peak almost 300 members, so if we pass that I would be happy”.

Following quite a lot of dialogue with CEO of Red Devils Ian Blease, David and the group of fans he has been involved with felt that they needed to legitimize ourselves.

David says: “Rather than just being a group of fans we should sort of come together in more of a formal arrangement and thought Supporters’ Trust was the best vehicle for that”.

Ultimately for Salford Red Devils, Owner Marwen wants the club to re-engage with community and its fans.

And that is where David feels the Supporters’ Trust can play its part as he says: “We are looking to support the youth set up and help the youth development programmes by some fundraising and sponsorship.”

Salford Red Devils fans can get their hands on a Membership via the Salford RLFC Supporters’ Trust page.


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