FROM being on Love Island in the summer, Chris Hughes has now set up his own collaboration with Topman.

Chris Hughes, 24, recently launched a partnership edit with Topman and shared his personal shopping experience last week in their Trafford Centre store, Manchester.

Topman, which is owned by the brand Arcadia, started the partnership with Chris immediately after his return from Love Island.

Chris said: “It started not long after I came out of Love Island and Topman just got in contact with my management team and it started from there really. I had a lot of approaches from other clothing brands but for me, once I heard about Topman it was always going to be a collaboration with them.

“We had plenty of discussions as we had things planned out already. Like this launch and our ideas for the charity which we launched the other week, L’eau De Chris, which was a good fit for myself and for Topman.”

The new edit, ‘Garms for Grafting’, had items and pieces that will be presented across Topman stores throughout the country which will give customers a hand in shopping for their ‘Ultimate night out’.

When asked about his favourite items in the edit, Chris said, “I like the jackets. There is a nice green puffer jacket which I like at the moment. It’s a proper chilled jacket and it is proper snug. Just can wear that with a nice pair of jeans would be pretty chilled. Just wear a nice white t-shirt underneath.

A lucky few customers who visited the Trafford Centre store last week were able to get styling tips from the man himself, and they were also given inspiring style advice from other personal shoppers from the store.

Head of personal shopping for Topman at The Trafford Centre store, Arron Dickinson said: “It went amazingly well and it was great to collaborate with somebody who has an amazing audience behind him. We are turning a corner with men’s fashion and it is easy to see that guys love to look after their appearances with grooming and clothing these days. Chris is a prime example”.

The winners of the personal shopping competitions were also invited on a night out after the event in Manchester where they could test out their new fashion tips.

The national edit has had a huge positive impact on Chris Hughes and his management team as the personal shopping experience hit the road to other stores such as Birmingham, Leeds, Brighton and finally ending in the London Oxford Circus Store.

“We are helping to promote the edit and the personal shopping experience to help people know about it. We are also trying to help to get it out there for people to understand that it is a complimentary service. The Personal Shopping team can help pick items out for you so it is very a helpful service. I am hoping that I can pull a few helpful outfits out for our guests today.”

The Love Island semi-finalist also launched two new campaigns last week both with Topman, to help promote mental health awareness.

The new item, known as L’eau De Chris, was described as bottles of water infused with Chris’ tears to show the struggles he had faced with mental health in the past and which began his work with Topman, ‘#Don’tBottleItUp’.

He also started a campaign in which for every pair of Topman boxers that were sold in store, there would be a £2 pledge towards the charity foundation.

It was also set up for the charity foundation, ‘CALM – The Campaign against living miserably’ that has been formed to help reduce the high rates of suicide in men.

He stated that at first, the fans and the public took to social media to question the new launch but once he revealed more information, the response turned positive.

“The response was really good once the final reveal came out. But before I took an absolute hammering as people actually thought I was selling bottles of water infused with my tears which obviously we never sold. It was just purely a campaign to say it was ‘L’eau De Chris (Ludicrous) to bottle up your emotion’ and the response after all that was really good.

Chris said that he needed to get an “absolute hammering on social media” for him to get a more positive response and upbeat feel to the campaign afterwards.

“I needed to get hammered and abused on social media for it to have the reaction I got the next day. And it did have that reaction which resulted in it being successful the day after. It was very powerful as it did help to get a message across about mental health. Hopefully it will encourage people to speak about their mental health issues.

Chris has also been featured in the music charts, with his best friend from the Love Island villa, Kem Cetinay,  who took to the music world to unveil their new rapping track, ‘Little Bit Leave it’ which is currently 37th in the national music charts.

Listen to the full track of Little Bit Leave it from Chris Hughes and Kem Cetinay here:

When asked about any more events for the launch to come this year, Chris stated that, “I am very busy with a lot of stuff at the moment so I am just living each day as it comes.

“We are just taking it one step at a time. We will go back to the drawing board and work on new stuff. When I am at the start of the week I tend not to think about the end of it, I just concentrate on what I need to get done now. I’m sure more things will come together but I am just enjoying myself at the minute.”

The full Interview with Chris Hughes is available here:

To read more information regarding Chris’ ‘Don’t bottle it up’ campaign, visit:


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