PEOPLE in Manchester would prefer to win small on the lottery rather than winning the jackpot.

The survey conducted by lottery service ‘Lottoz’, found that one in three lottery players in Manchester would be happy with winning £20,000 so they can treat loved ones and live debt free.

50% of those asked said they would be satisfied with £500,000, where as just 24% would like to win the million pound prizes.

Lottoz CEO  Dave Avila says: “It appears that for many, the desire to live debt-free and raise their living standards by a notch or two is more important than a millionaire lifestyle, they simply like the idea of extra financial cushioning to make their lives run a little easier. We are all dreaming of a better tomorrow, rather than private jets, yachts and island-hopping. ”

The survey also reveals the top 10 things people would spend their winnings on, with most people spending their winnings on taking their families on holiday or buying a new home.

Lottoz conducted the study to help understand the best jackpots for its new website, which offers players the chance to bet on the results of 14 global lotteries including the big US Powerball, the EU’s Euromillions, The Irish Lottery and Bonoloto.

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