Faith leaders have come together at Salford University to celebrate Inter Faith Week with people from all different religious backgrounds and beliefs.

The university’s faith centre have held various different events throughout the inter faith week including a tour of the new facilities that have newly opened today.

Rabbi Ephraim Guttentag, Jewish Chaplain of Salford University said: “It’s important to celebrate religion and different faiths because we’re all so similar and it’s nice to gather together with an event like this.

“We have our differences but we need to learn to honour the dignity of difference by respecting each other” he added.

The Rabbi expressed that the university’s facilities are the best he has seen across the North West.

The new facilities include Muslim prayer hall downstairs, a Christian chaplain upstairs and a Kosher kitchen.

Imam Rashid Musa, Muslim Chaplain of the university said: “The concept of interfaith is really important as it promotes harmony, co- existence and everybody living together. This week is the week which allows us to celebrate all of this.

“It allows people with other faiths or no faith to learn about religion which is great” he added.

The opening of the new facilities at the faith centre has been described as “accommodating to all religious people from all different backgrounds” the Rabbi explained.

Hinna Parvez, Interfaith Co-Ordinator at Manchester University said: “There is a chance for all of us to learn from others and to build our bridges.

“It’s a lovely feeling to come together to celebrate something like this” she added.




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