This time of year can be difficult if you’re vegetarian, as supermarkets replace veggie options, in favour for turkeys. But, don’t fear, Keith Squires is here.

His new book ‘Cooking With Love’ shares his tips for making healthy vegetarian food that all the family will love, with ingredients that can be sourced all year round.

He called the book ‘Cooking With Love’, but for most people, particularly those living in cities like Salford and Manchester, cooking can be a chore.

Photos:Samia Rani Squires

Squires said he chose the name because: “We are living in a world where it’s not seen as that important, but it does make a tremendous difference. It’s connected to a thing called Ayureveda, which is like Indian medicine and that includes yoga, food and lifestyle.

[pullquote]“In Ayurveda food is your first medicine, before you think about any sort of herbal remedy.[/pullquote]

“What they say is that illness is a bit like a pan of milk, you leave it on the stove and nothing happens for ages, then when you’re not watching it suddenly boils over. Our health is a bit like that.”

Throughout the book he stresses the importance of fresher food, but living in Salford growing your own isn’t always easy. So here’s some tips from Squires about getting fresh, quality food.

On the last Sunday of the month you can attend the Ashton Farmers and Producers market. They have over 70 stalls; making it the biggest in the region.

Photos:Samia Rani Squires

When he talks he sounds much like a hippy; with ideas about food having a living energy or ‘Prana‘.

One of his recipes is a bold move. He has re-created the legendary Christmas pudding for vegans. Here’s why being experimental is important to him.

Photos:Samia Rani Squires

“There’s two parts to it really, I love creating something new.But, on the other hand I’ve also found that the simplest food is the best. That food is very easy to make, it’s wholesome and it’s very economical too.”



[pullquote]We worked out that it costs about 50p to make those sorts of rustic dishes.[/pullquote]
He says that they aim to make their cooking style practical for everyone’s daily lives.

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