THE EUROPEAN Transport Organisation, Polis has elected Transport for Greater Manchester to take the title of presidency for the next two years.

Polis is a transport organisation that consists of 70 cities and regions across Europe.

Members of Polis co-operate in order to improve public transport and create new, innovative solutions and policies.

Polis operates as connection between its members and key partners in various sectors, such as government, academia and business.

Transport for Greater Manchester has been an active member of Polis network for several years, focusing on autonomous vehicles, bike-sharing schemes, freight, and air quality.

Speaking about the election results and opportunities that lie ahead, Rafael Cuesta, TfGM’s Head of Development and Innovation, said: “We are honoured to be elected the president of this superb organisation. Greater Manchester is an outward-looking city region that has been built on our strong partnerships.

“By being a part of this network, we will be able to work together, share our knowledge and develop our skills so that we can come up with the right solutions. I look forward to seeing what we can achieve.”

Manchester was collectively chosen as the best candidate for presidency and has taken the place of Rotterdam, following the election of TfGM’s executive, Jon Lamonte as president for the European Metropolitan Transport Authorities last month.

EMTA is a non-profit seeking association of 26 metropolitan transport authorities across the European continent.

Mr Lamonte said after the election: “I am delighted to have been named as President of this prestigious organisation, which carries within it a phenomenal amount of expertise and experience in the transport sector.

“This has been demonstrated during our latest meeting here in Manchester, as we explored challenging themes such as integrating transport with other public agendas, such as health and education.“

To get further information about Polis Organisation, visit their website , or for information about public transfer services, visit Transport For Greater Manchester.


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