WRESTLEPRO, Salford’s answer to WWE, is preparing for their ‘Christmas Chaos’ event which takes place on the 17th of December.

Sports Reporter, John Hassall, went down to The New Salford Lifestyle Centre where he interviewed Wrestlepro manager, Tom “The Money Man” Mcmanus ahead of the festive show down.

Watch the full interview here:

Mcmanus, who manages tag team, The Bench Pros, and the 350lb ‘Toxic Terror’ Cyanide, explained who the company are:

“People will tell you that Wrestlepro is a community for people, a place where they can go and see fun, family friendly shows at reasonable prices.

“I on the other hand will tell you, Wrestlepro is a harbour of disrespect to people of good standing and good class like myself and the people I represent such as Cyanide and the Bench Pros.”

Tom ‘The Money Man’ Mcmanus

December 17th will be the second time the company have held their Christmas Chaos event after a successful show at Well in Gym in Salford last year.

Now being held at a larger venue – The New Salford Lifestyle Centre – McManus explained what fans can expect from this year’s event.

He said: “The fans can expect an excellent show no doubt – Wrestlepro is known for putting those shows on.

“They can expect to see a champion who doesn’t deserve to be in the ring in the form of Sam Bailey, they can expect a washed up commissioner in the form of Keith Mayan but also, they can expect one of the greatest wrestling minds of this generation in Tom ‘The Money Man’ Mcmanus.”

Mcmanus’ own representative, Cyanide, will be in action in a ‘Loser Leaves Town’ match against Roughneck.

The match sees the culmination of a fierce rivalry between the two huge fighters. Roughneck recently interfered in a triple threat title match to stop Cyanide from winning the Wrestlepro championship.

Watch the full fight here:

Speaking about the fight, Mcmanus commented: “on the 17th you will see something very special when two Goliath’s collide and only one of those men will be left standing and left able to be employed by Wrestlepro and take it from me that person will be Cyanide.”

Furthermore, The frightening Rarebit is up against Frankie Sloan in match that looks set to send a chill down your spine.

Seeing the Rarebit get into the Christmas spirit is slightly terrifying. Watch for yourself below.

See the full list of matches bellow:

Wrestlepro matches

Christmas Chaos will also feature the new Wrestlepro champion, Sam Bailey, trying to defend his title. His opponent is yet to be announced.

Doors open at 2:30 pm and the event starts at 3.00pm.

For more information on how to get tickets, click here or visit their Facebook Page.

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