FC United reschedule their match against Southport which was due to be played at Broadhurst Park on Saturday 6th January 2018.

The fixture has changed due to Manchester City’s FA Cup home game against Burnley.

FC United of Manchester

The match will now take place at 3pm on Sunday 7th January.

On their website, FC United of Manchester said: “Supporters may remember that early last season, we came to an arrangement with Manchester City Council whereby we were able to play home games at the same time as Manchester City.

“However, we have since been informed that the department who made this decision did not necessarily have the authority to do so, and the decision has, for the time being, been reversed.

We would like to reassure supporters that the club has amended the lease condition in the hope of coming to an arrangement similar to the one agreed upon last season, and this is currently with the council’s legal department.”

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