Both Pep Guardiola and Jose Mourinho commented further on the derby tunnel controversy today, as focus remained on team rivalry rather than upcoming fixtures.

Jose Mourinho allegedly had a pint of milk thrown at him after the game on Sunday. Speaking about the incident at a press conference for United’s upcoming fixture against Bournemouth, the United manager seemed keen to keep the focus off the loss.

He said: “This press conference is pre-Bournemouth, not post-Man City. That is done.

“When you lose, you have a little bit more desire to win. Nobody likes to lose once, nobody ever wants to lose twice. That is the same for every team in the world. You have that little bit extra to give.

“The motivation is based on trying to win all the time. We go match after match. We try to win and get maximum points. We have to try.”

Photo credit: PA Images.

Guardiola, whose Manchester City side won the game 2-1, declined to comment on the specifics of the incident that led City coach Mikel Arteta to suffer a cut on his head, focusing instead on the result and his player’s right to celebrate, saying:

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“Everybody fought hard to win. We could have scored more goals. After the game we celebrated with the fans and went to the changing room and celebrated the win.

“We try to celebrate, because when we lose we try to accept the defeat, but when we win we celebrate. We won a derby, what do people expect we don’t celebrate?”

Both Manchester teams have until 6pm Wednesday to respond to the FA’s request for observations, which could lead to punishments dealt out to either team.

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