LAST WEEK, Northern Quarter visitors and residents were surprised by a single Christmas Market stall that popped up overnight on Stevenson Square.

‘MCR_Stall For All’ is a brand-new initiative that encourages people to “buy something else they don’t need” with the aim to help provide accommodation and support to homeless people in Manchester and Greater Manchester.

Those who visit the stall will have the chance to make donations, varying from £3 to £20 that will go to the Mayor’s homelessness fund, set up by Andy Burnham and Big Change Manchester.

The Big Change fund supports individuals who are homeless by paying for items they need for their survival and well-being.

Big Change is a part of Manchester Homelessness Charter that brings together people experiencing homelessness with charities, grassroots groups, councils, businesses and individuals in order to tackle homelessness in the area of Manchester.

The homelessness fund set up by the Machester Mayor Andy Burnham provides aid and support to various humanitarian projects including the expansion of rehabilitation programms across Greater Manchester area and the building of accomodation for young homeless people.

The festive hut sells various items that represent Christmas factors which might be self-evident to some but not everyone is fortunate enough to enjoy such as family, joy, food, warmth and dignity.

The MCR_Stall For All will be around at the Northern Quarter until just before Christmas, giving everyone the opportunity to lend a hand for their fellow human beings.

For more information, follow @MCR_StallForAll on twitter or visit Big Change Manchester page at the Street Support website.

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