WHISTLE PUNKS, an axe throwing club that have been located in Manchester since February, are launching their first ever regional tournament in January 2018.

Matthew Stevens, a main instructor at Whistle Punks, acknowledged that axe throwing is a novelty pastime.

He said: “People have done bowling, people have played darts, it’s just a logical progression. I think people are looking for things that are more and more interesting to do. Everyone likes the slight element of risk in things they do, so it’s good fun.”

The Whistle Punks tournament will begin on the 15th of January and is £75 to enter.

The tournament will be a gateway into an overall championship ran by the European Axe Association.

The winner of this will get £5,000; £2,500 for themselves and the other half will be donated to a charity of their choosing.

In order to be entered into the European Axe Association competition through Whistle Punks, you will have to win their six week long tournament.

“At the end of the 6 weeks that we run the tournament for we’re going to have a finals day which will be all of the people that were winning their games most often.

“From that we will end up with our winner, or champion, who will then get all the bragging rights associated with that along with some other swanky prizes as well,” said Matthew Stevens, a main instructor at Whistle Punks.

The Whistle Punks league winner will receive a custom built axe.

Winning axe trophy

Contestants must be 18 and over to participate, but as Stevens said “anyone can do this”.

“It’s not something that is only accessible for one kind of individual, it’s really open to any person that’s willing to give it a go. And because you can throw the axes in so many different ways it doesn’t really matter how you do it as long as they’re going to the board, and that means it’s open to everyone to interpret how they want to do it,” said Stevens.

Axe target boards at Whistle Punks

At Whistle Punks they teach all of their participants how to throw in a safe manner before they do it themselves. If someone is not throwing, they are asked to stay on a different side of the divided room to avoid any accidents.

“It’s not too dangerous at all if you just follow simple steps,” said Stevens.

The Whistle Punks team hope to expand their Manchester tournament in the future and join with their London and Birmingham branches to progress their competition.

You can find more information and tickets here.

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