Over the past few years, cuts in funding across the UK have causes many libraries to cut back or have no choice but to close their doors.

But the Salford Libraries Live programme means libraries all over Salford will stay busy for a long time to come.

Christ Farey, Eccles Library Manager, told all about the plans for the programme, at last Wednesday’s event a Christmas Killing, the interactive murder mystery show performed at Eccles Library.

Farey said: “Tonight is a show which is being performed by the Highly Suspect Theatre Company, who specialise in this kind of murder mystery event.

“We’re delighted to be hosting it as the first main event in the Salford libraries live programme, and we’re even more delighted to announce that it’s sold out, it’s really exciting for us,” he said.

Michael Spencer as the ghost of Christmas past

The show was perfomed by the Highly Suspect Theatre Company, starring Michael Spencer, alongside Seb Coombe, Lexie ward and Joe Donninson, and is a play on Dicken’s story A Christmas Carol.

“Tonight’s show is interactive, people are going to get involved whether they know that or not,” Farey joked.

“The Salford Libraries Live Programme is something we’ve just launched to continue the range of arts, activities, and events we put on in libraries every day.

“It’s an all-ages programme that’s going to last initially for two years and beyond, consisting of performances like tonight, theatre, music digital and visual arts, and a lot of interactive shows,” explained Farey.

The library manager is very excited about the programme, and the range of great events coming up for all the family.

“We’re putting on a lot of workshops, we hosted a puppet making workshop last week.

“To compliment that, we’ve actually got a puppet theatre coming here to Eccles Library on the 20th, for which there are a few tickets left,” he said enthusiastically.

But the fun doesn’t stop here, as the programme will run well into 2018, and hopefully even longer.

He said: “In the new year we’ve got a writers workshop lead by Jane McNulty who is a professional published theatre and television writer.

She’ll be running a workshop for budding or experienced writers that’s almost sold out already.”

Farey summarized the rest of the events across Salford planned for 2018: “Moving on from Eccles, we’ll be covering a similar set of events in Pendleton libraries, as Salford Libraries live is going to span across the whole city.

“In the spring we have a number of events including a family film day, interactive events, the Badlands spoken word event as part of the BBC Civilisations Programme.

“In may we’re very much looking forward to hosting Ian McMillan, the bard of Barnsley himself, and Tony Husband, the award winning cartoonist, who are doing an audience with us at Pendleton Library,” he said

Right into the summer there will be a range of events for all the family to enjoy during the break from school.

He said: “in the summer there will be a whole range of events for children and families, linked to the libraries summer reading challenge. There’s quite a programme ahead of us!”

Head into your local library in Salford to find out more, or to book, visit the Salford community leisure website.

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