The world famous Manchester christmas markets have just three days remaining- and stall owners say now is the best time for the best prices.

AS the big day looms ever closer, the Manchester Christmas markets will be closing their shutters for the last time this season, this Wednesday 20th December, 7pm, with alcoholic stores remaining open until 9pm.

The markets are infamous around the world for the many different stalls offering everything from mulled wine to personalised Christmas decorations, German cuisine to French cheese, and everything in between.

With three days remaining there is still hope for last minute shoppers to bag a bargain as stall owners have revealed that many cuts to prices have been made in order to clear stock.

Leo Gobbato, a frequent seller of the christmas markets said: “We’ve been here a long time but that’s just not enough. Please, come and visit us, we won’t be open until christmas eve, or after christmas like other christmas markets, because we want to spend it with our families”.

Mr Gobbato also added “Everything here is £10 or less, so please come and get your deals.”

As the attraction of Manchester’s biggest seasonal event draws crowds in from overseas and afar, shop seller Georgia Nixon says that this year has been “a lot warmer this year, after everything that’s happened”, following the tragic Manchester arena bombing which killed 22 victims at an Ariana Grande concert in May.

Miss Nixon, 22 said: “We’ve been really really busy this year and everyone seems a lot happier. After everything Manchester’s been through this year everyone just seems really enthusiastic. Like we’ve been through a lot but everyone seems positive at this time.”

An official list of which stalls are offering the best deals is yet to be curated so shoppers are advised to browse around, before it’s too late!

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