Potholes have become a big issue for drivers and the damage they are causing to cars are leaving the community to question what is actually being done about it.

The main roads reported the most include: Eccles New Road; Parkstone Road, Irlam; Green Lane, Cromwell Road, Eccles; A666 Bolton Road, Pendlebury; Manchester Road, Walkden; Eccles New Road, Parkstone Road, Green Lane Road, Cromwell Road, Eccles, and the A666 Bolton Road in Pendlebury.

One resident said: ”A pothole in the road can lead to so many other driver problems.

”Whilst driving there are so many things to worry about, especially when you see a hole in the road.

”It could cause so much damage to your car.”

Liverpool Road, Salford was voted the second worst road in the whole of England in 2016.

However, Salford City Council haven’t done much since to resolve the problem.

More than 25,000 thousand drivers complained to their council about potholes across Greater Manchester last year according to figures.

Salford figures resulted in 643 complaints by drivers.

Salford Resident, Jack Newton, said: ”They are an annoyance and they wreck your car.

”I had to replace a tyre the other day, as i went over a pothole and it popped the tyre.

”That was £60 i had to pay.

”They need to get them filled in, i shouldn’t have to pay £60 for a new tyre.

”I pay road tax to drive on the roads, they should be fit for vehicles.”

Potholes end up having an impact on lives, cars and peoples pockets.

A student at the University of Salford, Ashley Senior, said: ”Driving is my only way into university, but potholes are becoming a problem for me.

”I’ve had to change my tyre twice in the last month due to potholes popping my tyre.

”As a student, i can’t afford to keep fueling my car and also purchasing new tyres at £60 a go.”

Quays News contacted Salford City Council to discuss what is being done to fix the potholes around Salford, but they refused to comment.

If you are concerned about the condition of a road near you, then click here to report potholes in Salford. This way you are informing the council of any dangerous potholes, in the hope that they get fixed.

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