Age UK welcomes its Salford Heritage Health Walk to the public and recognises its contribution by volunteers.

In December, many volunteers and members of the group were recognised for their contribution at the Heart of Salford Awards 2017.

The group meets for Salford Heritage Health walk which journeys an hour and a half around Swinton. The walk is to promote health and is inspired as a way to get active.

People also get to learn about the local heritage making it an educational day out as well as something where people can get the exercise they need.

The walk starts at 11am where it will leave Critchley Community Hub in Swinton and finishes at 12:30pm. The event takes place twice a month on a Wednesday.

The next walk will be taking place on Wednesday 28th February. It will welcome people from all backgrounds to join in on keeping active in Salford.

You can keep up to date with the fortnightly Salford Heritage Health Walk with their events page above.

Age UK was founded in 2009 and aims to help older people who may be facing the challenges of loneliness, poverty or even illness. The foundation is one of over 1400 local groups representing the community. The group has volunteers who work to offer help and support older people.

In December 2017, Lima Networks Ltd. who support the group donated a generous £1,250 to help increase its funding.

Age UK Salford Donation                                                                         Credit: Age UK Salford

The Heritage Health Walks group is led by a program of guided walks through the local area. The walks are led by an accredited ‘Walking for Health’ volunteer.

The organisation provides support and volunteer opportunities in dementia support, hospital aftercare, social rehabilitation and advice services.

A new Facebook page has recently launched called “Ambition for Ageing in Salford”. The group aims to recognise how local older people are having an impact on the Salford community.

Ambition for Ageing Salford Credit: Ambition for Ageing Salford 

Ambition for Ageing Salford launched last month, the page will aim to keep people up to date with social events that will run across 2018. Also, people will be able to see the incredible work they are doing for the Salford community.

Like their Facebook page for more updates:

The walk is free to the public and people are encouraged to get involved and get active.

Map to show where Age UK is based 

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