SALFORD CCG sees the citizens brought together to discuss upcoming health projects, including the new Urgent Care team coming to their area.

With Salford’s current mental health strategy ending this year the NHS Salford CCG took the time to unveil their new list of priorities for Salford and Greater Manchester.

This includes but is not limited to: children young people’s mental health services, perinatal mental health care and early intervention in psychosis.

The event was held at the Light House church in Salford, seeing several speakers open to the public March 13th, marking the first Citizens Panel of the year.

Accompanying this was a list of themes were based upon their needs assessment data and engagement, such as physical health, employment and homelessness.

Their future strategies include working with those needing dementia support and also with those recently leaving prison.

Salford Together announced their attempts to bring care closer to home with their new Urgent Care Team.

The Urgent Care Team is a group that will be working in liaison with GP’s and Ambulance services to bring coordinated care to homes, coming in April.

The group will provide support within two hours and will stay between two and three days to assure residents who may not need hospital services are taken care of.

Clare Mayo, Integrated Commissioning Manager at the Salford CCG, said; “A lot of work went into gathering the information and deciding what’s important to the community.

“People have been going out and speaking to groups of service users, carers and local people.”

This will be accompanying their Enhanced Care team, a development based on resident feedback, taken from over 4000 Salford residents.

Attending outside the NHS were a wide variety of groups promoting the work they perform throughout the Salford area and beyond.

Groups attending included Age UK, Incredible Edible, Salford Survivor and Church Action Poverty among many others.

The Fallen Angel Dance group made an appearance, giving an on-stage demonstration from members Amanda and Phil Kinsey.

Mr Kinsey said; “Nobody is left at the door when they turn up for the Fallen Angels, you’re welcomed straight away.”

The Salford NHS CCG had made great effort to respond to feedback based on their previous panel in November, such as changes needed for the venue, speakers and much more.

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