The University of Salford will be hosting a dementia event to raise awareness of it in May 2018.

The Salford Institute for Dementia at the University of Salford will be organising the Alzheimers Research UK North West Public Engagement Event 2018 on the 23rd May.

The event will fall on National Dementia Awareness Week. This will be held in collaboration with The University of Manchester, Manchester Metropolitan University and The University of Liverpool.

The aim of this event is to help the public understand the bio-psych-social nature of dementia and local advances in dementia research, whilst learning more about local dementia support networks and initiatives.

The fundraiser will work collaboratively with people directly impacted by dementia and provide an opportunity to celebrate the successes of dementia associated projects.

Dementia - Future projections

It will combine traditional poster presentations, lab tours, information points, performances and family friendly  which will take place at the Peel Park Campus at the University of Salford.

Mayor of Manchester, Andy Burnham, spoke at the open launch of Greater Manchester Research Centre: “We will know that we have a 21st Century NHS when we treat people living with dementia as well as we manage people living with cancer now.”

The event is free to attend and to show any interest register yourself on the Eventbrite website.

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