Manchester’s motorists are incensed by the number of potholes plaguing our streets.

Made worse by the harsh Winter, this Spring has seen an increase in potholes caused by excessive rainfall and freezing temperatures.

Often unseen by drivers until the last minute, many people are furious about the untold damage that is being caused to their vehicles each time a pothole is hit.

Road tax payers across Greater Manchester, want to know when the roads will be fixed and when.

In a statement, Manchester City Council said: “A longer-term programme of road repairs for 2018/9 and onwards is currently being developed, with work to be concentrated in different areas of the city at different times, to minimise disruption for residents and motorists.

“The council has repaired more than 15,000 potholes across Manchester in the last year.

We currently pay around £3m per year to fix potholes and repair our roads, but our long-term investment programme will significantly reduce our annual bill.

We are investing in a major programme of resurfacing work…Over the long-term, this proactive approach will fix deteriorating roads for a longer period of time and reduce the cost of filling potholes as they appear.”

Many drivers have taken to social media platforms to highlight their frustrations.

Click on the link if you would like to report a pothole to Manchester City Council.

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