SUTTON Community Centre in Salford hosted the Salford Survivor Project’s volunteer open event today to welcome potential volunteers for the newly appointed charity.

Jane Gregory, Project Manager at Salford Survivor said: “There’s lots of different volunteer opportunities and everyone will be trained in domestic abuse and recognising domestic abuse.

Jane Gregory, Project Manager at Salford Survivor Project

“We will have anything from an outreach worker to befrienders, mentors, people that want to fund raise and those who want to organise events to raise awareness.”

The Salford Survivor Project is an organisation that offers help to domestic violence victims within the city.

The scheme is completely volunteer based and was started by Jane in 2012 after she lost a family friend, Leanne McNuff,  to domestic abuse.

The young mum was murdered by her ex-partner in Droylesden.

It is a confidential and non-judgemental service that offers face to face guidance as well support through Facebook to people affected by domestic abuse

The charity offers help to medium to low risk domestic abuse cases but also works with the charity SIDAS who they refer high risk cases to.

Jane said: “The ethos at Salford Survivior is that we want to help raise awareness, so even if you don’t want to be a volunteer if you are just interested in finding out about domestic abuse and family abuse come along and you are more than welcome to join the training.”

The project, which has been running for five years, has only recently applied to become a charity due to the growth in their organisation.

“We’ve made a few applications now because it has become so big and is expanding so quickly, that we need to make sure we can retain the volunteers and we need to be able to cover their expenses.

“We are desperate for funds and donations as we use them just to help alleviate a situation if we’ve got to move someone with a removal van or pay for storage or take a family out of a bad situation.”

The project also works with other organisations in the area such as the charity Mancurian Way, who have donated office space at Sutton Community Centre for them.

Sutton Community Centre, where the project has been donated office space.

If you want to find out more about the organisation got to

If you need guidance from Salford Survivior Project please call 0161 706 0468.

The national helplines are women domestic violence helpline 0808 801 0327 and ManKind on 01823 334 244.


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