The organiser of a Salford community clean-up group believes bringing the community together to clean up the streets can help drop local crime.

The clean ups, which are being hosted in the Langworthy area, were set up by Salford Forum for Refugees and People Seeking Asylum.

Irfan Syed,chair of the forum, believes that cleaning up Salford gives people a chance to do something good for their community and for themselves which will make people less likely to commit neighbourhood crime.

He said: “When people from different backgrounds work together and talk it makes them less likely to offend.”

Members of the Salford community at the last Langworthy clean-up

Irfan spoke of how the clean ups are also helping to bring all members of the community together.

He said: “We have been joined by people with white backgrounds, people from different countries and cultures.

It is really great to see people working together for the same cause which is to make Salford greener, cleaner, and healthier.”

So far the forum has hosted two clean ups which are also helping encourage community members to do some exercise alongside combating isolation.

Rubbish collected at the last clean-up event

Irfan said: “A lot of people with a refugee background don’t have any family or friends so it gives them a chance to come out of their homes and gets them to talk to people.”

So far each clean-up has attracted around 30 to 40 community members alongside members of the forum.

Irfan said: “The clean ups are also about feeling proud and valued in their community, it’s helping to promote cohesion and social inclusion.”

The third Langworthy clean-up is on the 20th October from 10:30am until 12:30pm. To get involved you should meet outside of the Emmanual Church at 10am. Volunteers are encouraged to wear protective footwear, trousers, and long sleeves.

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