Wajid Khan

Labour MEP Wajid Khan visited the University of Salford to speak to students about Brexit and how it will impact young people.

The MEP for the North West expressed his passion to make the right decision on Brexit for young people.

Mr Khan said: “I am really concerned about the future of young people. I think young people are the biggest stake holders in this, because they have to live their lives depending on what we decide on these Brexit negotiations.”


Wajid Khan speaking to students at the University of Salford.

As a former university lecturer, Wajid Khan enjoyed answering questions from students at the University of Salford.

Students from a variety of courses such as Politics to Aviation Technology, gathered to debate their concerns with the politician.

Topics discussed also included the second referendum and the Irish border.

Mr Khan stated that young people “are going to face the consequences of the negotiated deal.”

He encouraged the students to make their voices heard by writing to MPs and taking part in marches, for example the People’s Vote March.

He also specified how Brexit will impact the North West in particular:

The MEP is in favour of the Remain campaign and wants to ensure that the best deal is made where we maintain a close relationship with the European Union.

Wajid Khan discussing important issues about Brexit and how it will impact young people.


“Brexit is the most important issue since World War Two. It’s once in a generation.” – Wajid Khan



Mr Khan commented on Theresa May’s handling of Brexit as “disastrous” saying that “this has been a chaotic, costly and damaging brexit negotiation.”

The current issue surrounding Brexit is trying to avoid a hard border between Northern Ireland and Ireland.

On the 29th March 2019, the UK are due to leave the EU. Click here for all the latest updates on Brexit.

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