A Salford based charity that aims to address poverty in the community are attempting to gain votes in a bid to win funding for a mobile food pantry.

The Launch Project will provide a refrigerated van that stocks fruit and vegetables as well as tinned and packet food, breads and dairy products, if they are granted the funding.

The reaction to the campaign has been described as “awesome” by a Launch Project spokesperson. However they aren’t home and dry yet as many people are sharing their message but not voting. “If we had as many votes as people sharing and liking, we’d be laughing.

The impact was described by the spokesperson as “huge”. On one side, it will help distribute fresh food that would usually go in the landfill and other family essentials. Another side to the impact would be that it creates a situation where people can interact, helping to boost confidence and self-esteem which is a huge issue that the Launch Project deal with.

The mobile food pantry would be an improvement on foodbanks as it makes it a lot more accessible and also “there is still a stigma around foodbanks.”

The Pantry is part of a separate mission to change perceptions about people receiving help.

Unlike a food bank it is not a free service, it costs £4 and for that you get around £25 worth of food and family essentials.

The Launch Project has only been official since the 7th of August this year but it has been having a positive effect for much longer. It started with a post on Facebook six years ago advertising free Christmas dinners, 70 people turned up and as a result of the project’s success that number has rocketed up to 1000.

To help the Launch Project secure funding for a mobile food pantry that will support households in need in Salford and Manchester, give them some votes: https://www.avivacommunityfund.co.uk/voting/project/view/4-1949#plus


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