Young people across Salford are to be asked how much they know about the dangers of alcohol – and if they need help to cut down their drinking.

The University of Salford Student Union is conducting an alcohol awareness survey among its students and other young people across Salford in December.

The project coincides with Alcohol Awareness Week for which various other events have been held across the city.

Salford has 4,684 alcohol dependant residents, according to the NHS, which is  2.5 per cent of the city’s population.  These figures are the worst in the North West, and amongst the worst in the United Kingdom.

Alan Warnock, head of catering and bars at the University of Salford Student’s Union, said: “Simply put, the event is to show students the effect that alcohol is having on them, which they might not know about.

It’s very easy. They will just have to fill in a survey and they’ll get follow up support depending on their answers.”

Any respondents who ask for it will be offered help from fellow young people – a move that has had some quite popular responses.

Callum Twomey, a first year law student at the University of Salford, said: “If there were any issues, I’d rather chat to someone that probably gets what I’m saying]”

Anyone wishing to volunteer to help with the survey is invited to a training day at USSU Student House on Wednesday 28 November at 1.30pm.

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