Cat protection charity comes to MediaCityUK

A cat charity is appealing to Media City workers and shoppers to donate towards the well being of cats.

The charity Cats Protection looks after, re-homes, and finds families to foster cats.

Liz, who is a volunteer at the cats protection charity, says: “Last year we took in 200,000 stray, abandoned and abused cats and have neutered 153,000 cats in the UK.”

The charity has set up programmes to educate people on how to look after cats in their own home.

“To help to keep us buoyant we ask people if they could sponsor some cats that we are finding difficult to re-home and also the ones that we find for adoption as well,” says Liz.

The charity is the oldest in Britain and was set up on May 16th, 1927 in London.

The charity has display boards outside the Lowry Outlet in Salford, which ask people to donate a few pounds a week to sponsor a cat or to take part in a cats lottery.

A monthly donation of £5 which will help to feed a cat twice a day.

Sponsor a cat here:





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