NATURE lovers are wanted to help restore damaged mosslands around Salford.

Mosslands such as Chat Moss are a vital part of the city’s heritage and are listed as a UK Priority Habitat but they have been damaged for a long time and are regarded as wastelands to be exploited for peat.

Many species have lost their home because peatlands are important as they form a unique natural habitat that supports biodiversity.

Anna Keightley is the chair for a group called the Friends of Chat Moss, which is a voluntary group which is associated with Lancashire Wildlife Trust.

She said: “The mosslands have been damaged through our impact, we have been draining mosslands for a very long time; for agriculture, building and peat extraction.

“We have lost a lot of biodiversity in the area because we have messed up our peatlands, so it’s up to us to repair them again.”

The group is mainly made up of volunteers, and the group needs more people to help to restore the mosslands to its former beauty.

The Little Woolden Moss voluntary group meets every Tuesday from 10.30am to 3pm.

The Lancashire Wildlife Trust has set up the Chat Moss Project, which started in 2012 when it has acquired Little Woolden Moss, which is the largest and most damaged local site.

Chat Moss Project aim is to protect the remaining habitats in the North West from being destroyed.

Anna has been working for the group for nearly six years, and she has seen a tremendous improvement, especially on the Little Woolden Moss.

She has said: “When I started working with the project, nothing was being done there, it was very dry like a dry desert.

“But with the work that the Wildlife Trust and volunteers did in terms of putting vegetation back on the site, it now in a better condition, and we are starting to see a lot more wildlife coming into the area.”

Although conditions are slowly improving, there is still a lot to do for the biodiversity to return to its previous habitat.

Anyone interested in helping can contact Mike Longden tel:07864957921, for further information about volunteering or email him at –



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