Salford residents and politicians react to todays news that rail fares across the country will rise by 3.1%, despite a year of transport chaos.

Rail prices will go up for customers despite the high profile problems that have arisen in the last year in the North west, with hundreds of trains cancelled and delayed.

Fewer than half (45%) of passengers are satisfied with the value for money of train tickets, according to a survey by watchdog Transport Focus.

PA Rail Fares rise
PA Rail Fares rise

We heard from commuters at Salford Crescent train station to get their views on the rise in prices.

Salford residents aren’t the only ones who see the rise in ticket fairs as unreasonable. Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham took to Twitter to share his disappointment.

Burnham also spoke on Sky News about the rise in fairs, expressing his anger at the decision which will affect commuters all across Manchester and Salford.

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