Liverpool fans have started a new chant for their Dutch centre-back Virgil Van Dijk, to the song Dirty Old town made famous by the Pogues. Dirty Old Town is also the main theme song played at Salford City when the players walk out onto the pitch for their home games at the Peninsula Stadium.

A tweet showing the chant went viral last week, with nearly four thousand likes and over a thousand retweets. It is a massive part of Salford City FC, with lyrics of the song displayed on the walls in the corridors.

One Salford City supporter expressed his doubt over whether Liverpool fans knew the context of the song, “It’s funny because I bet they don’t realise where it comes from, it shows their ignorance”.

The song was originally written about Salford, by the songwriter Ewan MacColl, who was born and brought up in the area. With references to the Gasworks and the old canal, the song was initially made for a scene in the 1949 play Landscape with Chimneys, set in a Northern industrial town.

As the Gasworks became famous by MacColl’s lyrics, members of the community gathered to see the unveiling of a mural that has be been displayed outside the Salford Gasworks. The structure will be taken down and the site will then be free for beneficial use to the community as it is no longer needed according to the National Grid.

The song means so much to Salford, that in June locals came together to sing ‘Dirty Old Town’ as part of a musical protest, in an effort to get the National Grid to re-think knocking them down.


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