Tram violence in manchester

Metrolink commuters are becoming increasingly frustrated with the high level of congestion on the trams during peak travel times.

The Manchester and Salford Inner Relief Route improvement works are expected to last until the summer of 2019.

People have been forced to use the Metrolink system in order to get into the city centre.

The increase in the number of Metrolink users is causing for extreme congestion on city centre bound services during peak travelling times.

This is then meaning that customers who regularly use the system are becoming unable to board the tram.

A number of commuters are beginning to voice their frustrations on social media.

Ian Brux, a Metrolink user for over 10 years, told Salford Now: “The Metrolink services are above capacity as more people commute to avoid the traffic.

“This extra burden on the Metrolink services is not being filled by additional services and I have often been late for work due to the congestion and overcrowding.”

The Metrolink which is owned by Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) is to add a further 27 new trams to its current fleet by 2020.

In a statement Danny Vaughan, TfGM’s Head of Metrolink, said: “It’s important to me that our customers have a pleasant experience using Metrolink but I accept that crowding at peak times, particularly in the morning, is a challenge.

“We are continually working with the operator to address today, while also taking steps to mitigate in the long term.

“Earlier this year we ordered 27 new trams – a significant enhancement to our fleet of 120 – and these will start to arrive from early 2020 to be used on the network where they are most needed.”

Mr Vaughan added that “in the meantime we are increasing capacity wherever we can, using the trams available to us and are piloting new ticketing products to encourage people to travel outside the busiest peak periods.”

This is not the first time Metrolink have caused delays, Salford Now previously reported on issue.

The Manchester and Salford Inner Relief Route improvement works, which began in August of this year, will see six junctions improved in order to cut congestion.

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