From the back room of a Salford boozer to the BBC airwaves Velvet Shakes, a band formed of Salford university music students, have appeared on BBC introducing showcasing their new music in an exclusive live session.

The quartet who all met at the university were invited onto the programme by Shell Zenner who runs the Manchester segment of the show after their most recent single ‘The Love I Feel’ was played on the Saturday evening broadcast.

“When we brought out the second track I focused a lot more on the production and got it to a higher standard. It was amazing when they played it, it was all so quick. I sent it on the Wednesday and they played it on the Saturday!” Said Josh Bithell, frontman of the quartet.

The song was recorded and produced in Josh’s small Salford flat and after being hotly received and critiqued by the shows hosts Michelle Hussey and Natalie-Eve Williams, the band were asked to join them live in the studio to record a stripped back, beautiful acoustic version of their upcoming single ‘Feel It Through Your Bones’.

BBC Introducing is no stranger to catapulting class acts into the career they deserve. Other bands that have started out on the programme are Blossoms, Florence and the Machine and Jake Bugg all of which have now created a name for themselves in the industry.

“It was a bit overwhelming but so much fun,” explained Scott Hill, guitarist in the band. “Walking past all of the studios and seeing BBC Breakfast was surreal. Especially when we got to the studio we were performing in and we were sat at the mixing desk with all the mics. It was crazy!”

Having only been together a matter of months, Velvet Shakes have made an important name for themselves on the local scene. Gracing some of Manchester’s most prestigious music venues with their often energetic, dance-inducing gigs their psychedelic disco sound is making its way into all the right ears.

“Being on BBC Introducing has reiterated that confidence in ourselves,” explained Josh. “Being in this industry is hard. You get told all of the time that you’re not going to make it or that you’re not as good as that other band. We’re certainly doing all the right things here.”

With the support of BBC Introducing under their belts and an exciting headline show at the Deaf Institute planned in the new year, the band are on their way to undoubtedly achieving serious success. Speaking about their future plans Josh said: “We want to step out of our comfort zone and make a name for ourselves in other places, not just in Manchester. We’ve only been going for about six months and we’ve achieved so much. Just think where we could be this time next year.”

You can listen to the session here: Feel It Through Your Bones

Upcoming gigs:

11/12/18 Disco Bingo @ Salford Student Union

13/12/18 Broadstroke @ The Peer Hat

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