Velvet Shakes

Salford band Velvet Shakes brought nothing but good vibes to their gig at Band On The Wall.

The Salford four-piece (Josh – guitar & lead vocals, Ant – drums, Louie – bass and Scott – guitar & backing vocals) headlined the evening’s show and certainly lived up to expectation considering their set followed some outstanding performances from some extremely talented musicians.


The boys took to the stage at around 10.30 following performances from James Walsh, Origami Tsunami and Phthalo.

Opening with their latest single ‘The Love I Feel’, the evocative clean tones on the guitar in the intro gave way to the funky groove that Velvet Shakes pride themselves on.

From here onward, dance fever set in.

The boys continued to bring the grooves with new tunes ‘Cloak and Dagger’, ‘Late Night Sleeze’ and ‘Work This Out’.  The fantastic harmonies and guitar work of vocalist Josh and his back up Scott unwavering throughout.

The Velvet Shakes demonstrate some fantastic musicianship and to anyone watching, the hours of practice that went into this show were obvious from the get-go. The Salford band’s music translates flawlessly from the recording to a live gig.

With the whole crowd moving and dancing, The Shakes set list drew to a close as they went into their penultimate song of the evening ‘Feel It Through Your Bones’, a song which they have previously uploaded to YouTube as an acoustic song.

Velvet Shakes- ‘Feel It Through Your Bones’ (via Velvet Shakes YouTube channel)


Bassist Louie demonstrated his skills with an excellent performance as did drummer Ant who’s groove was tight and tasteful throughout. Guitarists and Vocalists Josh and Scott also complimented each other brilliantly throughout.

The combined talents of all of the band blasted at you in a live environment makes for a truly unforgettable experience and there are certainly big things on the horizon for this band.

“Playing iconic venues is always an honor and band on the wall is certainly one of those venues, we truly had a blast,” said drummer Ant.

Watch their performance of their last song of the evening, the fantastic ‘And I Like It’ below.






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