Artist Emma Lloyd has created an art piece based on Salford at her new exhibition ‘Beyond the Linear’, which has opened at Salford Museum and Art Gallery

This exhibition dissects and translates language and portrays it through installation, sound and sculpture.

Artist Emma Lloyd said that “it’s about communication, looking at language, bits of typography, and all sorts of different ways we communicate with each other and trying to bring that into one show.”

Art piece created by Emma Lloyd. Salford company M3 Industries helped create this piece.

Emma added: “Language has been something I’ve been interested in for a long time. I started looking at text when I was working with book sculptures which I’ve been doing since 2004.

“I started to notice how interesting the lines of text were when they started being dissected by scalpel cuts. Then I explored text as a subject matter.”

‘Selectric Salford’ Art Piece

Emma was looking at the typography and graffiti she found in Salford. She then processed it, dissected it and brought it all together to create balls of different sizes.

Emma Lloyd’s ‘Selectric Salford’. It is based on the text and graffiti she sees around Salford.

“Everything you see on these balls are found in the area of Salford. It won’t be as recognisable as it was. You can’t exactly see what it is, but it’s still there. Some are pretty distinctive.”

Emma Lloyd speaks about how the text she sees in Salford differs to other areas:

Emma Lloyd worked with Salford based company M3 Industries. They helped create some of the art pieces.

Emma said “I like to promote questioning of different things. I don’t want to tell you everything about my work, because we all have different ways of seeing and doing things. So it’s all down to interpretation.”

A puzzle created by Emma Lloyd. M3 Industries helped create this piece.

Emma is very interested in exploring different media. Video installation and sound featured in this exhibition, which she had never done before.

The sound installation took place in a dark room to heighten the senses:

Beyond the Linear will be shown until Sunday 28th April 2019.

There are plenty of other exhibitions at the museum and art gallery, which you can find on their website.

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