Check out the Sayo/Sparky Christmas Festival this Saturday hosted by Salford Community Sport for activities such as a free magic show, santa’s grotto and Aqua Blast Pool Slide.

The Sayo/Sparky Festival has taken place for the last 5 years and will run this Saturday between 12pm – 4pm.

Clarendon Leisure Centre who organises the festival say they are expecting around 100 people, including many families.

The Christmas event is set to be inter-generational but is mainly geared towards families.

Santa will feature as a special guest on the day with a starting fee of £1, this will contribute towards a small present for visitors meeting him.

When asked about the leisure center, Active Communities Development Officer Colin Richardson stated: “it’s more than just a gym. There’s a gym, there’s 2 swimming pools, sports hall, squash courts, community rooms, so it’s definitely more than a gym. It’s certainly open for the whole community and not just for those people you would class as typical gym users.

“We see ourselves as a community leisure facility offering from birth right through to the end so it’s really important the place is open to all sorts of people and we offer activities accordingly.”

The event only requires a month of planning with organisers using regular contacts to support the festival.

The centre has facilities for children with disabilities, including:

  • specific changing areas,
  • ramps into the swimming pool
  • shallow type steps into the swimming pool
  • specially adapted gym equipment for wheelchair users
  • automatic doors

The centre is seen as a flagship facility for children with disabilities.

Sayo/Sparky Festival advertises on social media and displays posters in social spaces around Salford.

Colin Richardson added: “It’s great to see people running round and it’s great to see them interacting with other children and families, so when they come to the outdoor leisure center, I hope they have a lovely time.”

An inflatable obstacle course along with a tombola will run as part of the event, with food and drink available to be purchased.

Vendors will have the option to book out a stall for £5.

Free gym passes for the centre will also be given out to visitors at the festival.

The centre runs sporting leagues, including:

  • bowls (which takes place every week)
  • football on a Wednesday (free of charge)
  • dodge ball classes on a Friday (£1)
  • roller disco on a Tuesday (£1.90 per person)
  • a Friday evening activity club (free of charge)

The events are all at 50-70% capacity which means there is room for new members.

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