The University of Salford is keen to get the city running, with a fun run targeting the one third of all Salford residents who do not exercise.

The Vice Chancellor’s fun run takes place in May 2019 and organisers DSAS Events are keen to encourage the Salford community to sign up

Daley O’Neil, front of house manager for University of Salford’s sports centre said: “32% of people in Salford are not active and this event is just one way in which we can help.”

The organisers will reach out to organisations in Salford including Peel Park rangers, Friends of Peel Park and more.

Graham Rimmer, DSAS Events Social and Engagement manager said: “The University is a major employer in the city of Salford and a lot of staff want to give back to the local community and this is just the start of that journey.”

The fun run is raising money for children’s cancer charity, Kids Scan, based at the University of Salford campus. Proceeds raised go towards funding the PHD students in their research.

Graham Rimmer said: “They specifically research cancer is children, so the cancer in adults is very different, as when you are a child you are still developing.

“So they look at how they can support the research and how they can stop cancers in children actually forming.”

Fun Run event on Facebook

Graham continued: “We usually get around 100 people participating, and registration will be eight pounds per person.

“It doesn’t matter if you are staff, students or a member of the community, all are welcome to join in.”

For 2019 the run will take place on Wednesday 22 May with registration from 12.30pm-13.00pm. Keep an eye on their website for updates.

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