The rector of Salford’s Sacred Trinity Church is encouraging more members of the LGBTQ+ community to attend services and events run by the church.

The church on Chapel Street, which was the first etablished in Salford back in 1635, is determined in 2018 for the LGBTQ+ to feel comfortable with their faith and sexuality within the church.

Rector Andy Salmon said: “Young members of the LGBTQ+ community are feeling more disconnected from the church due to the history of a difficult relationship between the two.

“There is still a huge debate within the Church of England, but here in Salford we want to make it clear that all are welcome.”

Faith and sexuality have always been a difficult topic to discuss within places of worship.

Rev Salmon continued: “A lot of people have been excluded from the church due to misinterpreting passages of the Bible and ignoring others.”

During the Middle Ages, churches believed that it was sinful to take interest on a loan and because of that banks were not allowed.

He added: “We as a church are different and more honest when we interpret scriptures. We want to find out what God is telling us in today’s age.

“We don’t believe that God is condemning gay people. Faith wise I think that there is something within us all that is longing for God and some sort of connection- regardless of whether you’re gay or not.”

The Sacred Trinity Church welcomes people as they are and helps them to connect to God on their journey.

Sacred Trinity Church
Sacred Trinity Church

Rev Salmon wants to reassure that the church still read and preach the Bible but are choosing to modernise and move with the times.

Salford Now asked Twitter followers whether they thought that individuals could have a good relationship with religion if they are LGBTQ+.


The 57-year-old added: “We want everyone to feel welcome at our church, we’re okay with everybody and anybody.

“My faith helps me to keep going when life throws tough things at me.

“Everyone can benefit from their faith.”

For more information about the church click here or visit the church using the map below.

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