City of Salford Schools FA are raising money to help support the young football players within Salford.

The organisation aims to give children in Salford the opportunity to represent their town and compete against other teams within Greater Manchester.

The ongoing demand of football superstars, in addition to the lack of funds the City of Salford Schools FA receive, means they can struggle.

A goal of £800 has been set, which will all go towards supporting the boys.

Most noticeable for playing in the City of Salford Schools FA is Ryan Giggs.

When he was just six-years-old, Giggs moved to Swinton and played for the local team, Deans FC, who were coached by Manchester City scout, Dennis Schofield.

Giggs continued playing for Salford Boys, at one point even captaining the team and leading them to victory.

Ryan Giggs is an idol for the young boys at City of Salford Schools FA to look up to and aspire to be like.

So far they have raised £80 of their £800 goal. To donate money, visit City of Salford Schools FA’s crowdfunding page.

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