Last Monday, January 28 marked the return of Salford University’s home students and the arrival of hundreds of excited, anxious and curious exchange students.

Manchester city oozes an atmosphere of youth, vibrancy and a culture of innovation, but is the cities positive vibe reflected in its University?  What exactly was the feedback from our fresh eyed international students from their first week at Salford University specifically?

In a survey conducted on the University-of Salford 2018-2019 Study Abroad and Exchange Students Facebook page, a considerable 82.75 percent of Erasmus students said that their first impressions of Salford University and its students/faculty was very positive, friendly and welcoming.

The remaining 17.25 percent said that their experience to date have been moderately positive and found it to be somewhat friendly. None of the individuals surveyed claimed to have found their first week’s experience negative or the University of Salford’s community to be unfriendly.



When speaking with Emily Lowes, 20, of Derby, a first year International Politics and Security student from Salford University she explained as a University of Salford student she wouldn’t go out of her way to speak with Erasmus students, however, if sat beside an international student in a lecture she would have no problem speaking with them.


 “I don’t really see any difference between Erasmus students and regular students, however, it can be difficult to integrate when you already have your own group.”


Nina Salmon, 23 of Avans University, Netherlands, originally from South Africa, is a student of Business and Management. Nina who recently arrived at the University of Salford summed up her experience by stating that she would go to great efforts to transfer to Salford University if given the opportunity. She felt that the reception she and her other international classmates were given was extremely warm and helpful.


“It has been very positive indeed. I would encourage students to get involved in as many induction events as possible as they have all been a laugh so far”


Teresa Imperatore, 20, of Universita Degli Studi Di Napoli Federico II, Napoli NA, Italy, is a recent graduate of the Salford University Erasmus Program. Teresa came to Salford in September 2018 and finished her journey in January 2019. Teresa who was 19 at the time of her studies in Salford University explained that she came to Salford with little knowledge of the area, what she did know was that she was eager to improve upon her English and was looking forward to studying in such a large campus that wasn’t generally an option for her to do so in Italy.

“The University of Salford was a total dream for me, here in Italy we don’t usually get such big and beautiful campuses”

Teresa felt her overall experience of Salford University was ‘amazing’, and ‘perfect’. She praised the Universities large number of activities that were made available to students during the first few weeks on campus.

She did however believe it was difficult to make friends with the local students as not many attended the events, this meant most of the people she met with and socialized with during her time were merely other international student’s.

Teresa believed this was the only negative about her time in Salford University.  She credited the University from an academic stand point, acknowledging her lectures and tutors for their inclusiveness and efforts to make international students feel equal to those originally from the area.

She strongly advised anyone pondering the idea of Salford University not to be hesitant and use the opportunity to their advantage by attending all available activities.

“Just take part in all the interesting activities you can and you will  meet a lot of very friendly and interesting people to share your experience with”

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