Work has begun in anticipation for a new signal box at Irlam Train Station, the ‘living museum’ that evokes a 1920’s train station.

The box, which was built in 1884 and is listed, will come from near Keighley Railway Station in Bradford.

Network Rail intends moving the structure to Irlam, where it will be turned into a “museum of signalling”.

Plans for the box to be dismantled and rebuilt were approved in December last year.

A planning spokesman said “The removal of the signal box will take it from its original historic location and, indeed, out of Bradford Council’s administrative area.

“However, the agent presents strong arguments that this has to be weighed against the opportunity to secure beneficial re-use of the redundant structure in a working railway environment.”

The enclosed area where the signal box will go (image rights Sue Walker)
The station also includes 1923 – a café / bistro at Irlam train station. Centred around the 1920’s age of steam the establishment serves delicious light bites and refreshments.

But whilst some Irlam residents are happy that a piece of history is being added to community, some are not happy that it will be taking up vital carparking spaces, putting people off using public transport altogether.

One resident commented: “The parking at the top of the road is so bad, that at times, emergency services haven’t been able to pass through as people park side by side!”

Another added “It will mean more blocked roads around the neighbouring Cromwell Road.”

The improvements are part of Mayor of Greater Manchester, Andy Burnham’s Congestion Deal, to encourage more people to use public transport.

The deal, proposed in March 2018, will see over £80 million spent on 27 new trams, 40,000 more seats on commuter trains, and investment in stations and interchange.

More information about Irlam Train Station can be found here.

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  1. Colette Nelson

    I am a user of Irlam railway station and there are issues with parking. It is a very well used station and this structure will be an even bigger impact. Until there are more trams around the area, please note we don’t have trams in Irlam, this project should have put on hold until such a time. It definitely is not encouraging us to use public transport. I have to drive to the station as I have to walk my dog before I can leave the house and I know a number of people have children to drop at child minders etc. I really think this should have been consulted on with uscrailway users.

  2. Alan whitehead

    There should be no negative comments when it comes to this train station.We should support everything they do.Instead of bickering regarding a few car parking spaces.I would also like to see the train from the bypass brought to the train station.So more people can enjoy it.Lets all in brace what irlam and cadishead as to offer.I also agree with sensible building on our moss not corporate greed building. To view more comments check out CHAT MOSS ON FACEBOOK.

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