The stage version of the hit David Walliams book Billionaire Boy is arriving at The Lowry this week.

The show follows the story of factory worker Len Spud and his son Joe when they win billions of pounds overnight. The book was first published in 2010, with a TV version being broadcast in 2016 including a cast of John Thomson, Catherine Tate, Warwick Davis and Walliams himself.

Walliams, who is currently filming the latest auditions of Britain’s Got Talent at The Lowry said: “Billionaire Boy is about a boy who’s got everything he could ever dream of. But he doesn’t have a friend. The story is his journey to realising that money isn’t important and that there are other ways to be happy.”

This is the sixth of his books to be adapted into stage versions,something Walliams says is a source of pride: “I actually love it when my books are adapted.

“I had a lot of fun creating this world, the super-rich boy who’s got a waterslide going from his bedroom down into his swimming pool.

“It’s a big wish fulfillment fantasy!”

18 brand new songs have been created for the musical written by Miranda Cooper and Nick Coler, the team behind multiple UK Top 10 hits for artists including Girls Aloud, The Sugababes and Kylie Minogue. Walliams commented that he thought the songs in the show were fantastic.

Singing the songs in the show will be a cast of just 10, with all the cast members involved in the singing and dancing. There is also live music played onstage.

Talking about the cast, Walliams said: “They’d added loads of jokes, and the songs completely lift the whole thing. I am not at all musical so I am in total awe of the songwriter, singers and musicians.”

Billionaire Boy will run at The Lowry from 14-17 February.

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