Peel Park Salford

Peel Park, Salford. (Photo credit: Wiki)

Park rangers in Salford have appealed for fresh volunteers as they continue to work hard on their latest Greenfingers project. 

Salford Rangers says more support will help revitalise parks across the city.

Senior Ranger Alistair Cook said: “New recruits will bring fresh energy and new ideas to Volunteer Rangers, and collaboration between core groups of local volunteers could work between them to re-invigorate a number of parks and green spaces in East Salford.”

The Rangers’ latest project – Greenfingers, launched in September 2018 – aims to maintain and work on Salford’s grounds and parks around the community and hopefully inspire people to get outside, volunteer and give back to the community.

The project is also starting to branch beyond Salford’s greens and by merging with other community groups aims to tackle a wider range of local issues.

Cook stated: “These include health improvement teams, neighborhood management teams, housing providers, mental health agencies, volunteering agencies, return to work agencies, RHS, NHS and others.”

The Rangers are spread across Clifton Country Park, Blackleach Park, Peel Park and Albert Park and are an integral part of Salford’s community.

Their duties include managing green spaces, providing talks in local schools and leading wildlife and health walks. As they continue to serve the community though, they say that they “need to attract more volunteers”.

If you would like to learn more about The Salford Rangers and the ‘Greenfingers project’, please click the link here to visit their website.

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