A Salford support group is trying to persuade fastfood and other chains to sign up to its campaign to make it easier for mums to breastfeed in public.

Be Open on Breastfeeding Salford (Boobs) is targeting franchised businesses such as McDonalds, KFC and Costa Coffee to sign up to be a part of Boobs Approved, meaning public breastfeeding will be socially acceptable within these outlets..

Boobs also offers mums the chance to come together and speak about their breastfeeding experience while being able to inspire, as well as educate others, in hope of making public breastfeeding more socially acceptable.

The UK has one of the lowest breastfeeding rates in the world. Public breastfeeding is still controversial, causing many mothers to worry and be uncomfortable, ending up with some not wanting to breastfeed at all because of opinions from others.

In some cases, mothers are told to cover up and frowned upon when breastfeeding their children in public.

According to a recent poll conducted via Instagram, younger people are more accepting of public breastfeeding with 98 per cent saying it is acceptable.

Through reaching out on Facebook, members of the public came forward to express their opinions on public breastfeeding.

Listen here for public opinions on breastfeeding.

One young woman said: “Someone came up to me when I was at Nandos and breastfeeding. They told me to to do it in the toilets. So I said, you go and eat your food in the toilet then if my baby can’t have her food in here”.

Another member of the public, a male from Manchester said: ” I think more women should breastfeed in public, I think there’s an unhealthy stigma that some people in society attach to it and try and sexualise it. I think it’s ridiculous. Quite literally, all that people are doing is the most natural thing in the world which is feeding and building their children”.

Another lady said: “I think it’s nice that they’re putting signs on doors of cafes and restaurants now to agree to let people breastfeed there. It’s a natural thing to do.”

Other websites, such as Debate, share comments from the public that express doubts.

One comment says: “Although this is a totally natural function, that does not mean it should be done in public. Why don’t we just go around having sex in public? There should be a certain sanctity to breastfeeding. It is a precious bond between two people (like sex) and doing it in public just takes away how special it is. Plus, I wouldn’t want my kids to see that! Keep it classy, ladies. Some things should be kept private. Of course, I wouldn’t bash or shame a lady for feeding her kid. I would simply walk away because I don’t enjoy seeing that.”

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