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Salford based brewery Seven Bro7hers has collaborated with the Salford Pride organisation in a bid to raise more awareness about the gay community.

To celebrate the new partnership, the brewery has announced they will be hosting a collaboration party on Saturday the 6th of April with free entry for all. The party will also see the launch of the brewery’s new beer, titled Salford Pride.

The new beer has been created specifically to honor the new collaboration with the brewery vowing to donate 10 p towards the charity for every can that is sold.

In addition, they will also be donating all proceeds from one cask of Salford Pride directly to the cause.

The brewery is owned by Ketih McAvoy, a Salford local himself and is very much excited by the prospect of joining up with Salford Pride.

McAvoy said: “When Pride approached us, we couldn’t say no. We got involved because we really want to help raise awareness.

“This is what Seven Bro7hers is all about, we’re about community, about being open and being inclusive. It is everything we stand for being a family brewer.”

“We were approached by the Pride to see if we would like to get involved with Pink Picnic, raising funds and to make a beer.

“We’ve got the party coming up in April and hopefully it’s the first event of many, we see it as a long term thing.”

The brewery will now spend the next month or so fine tuning there new beer, named Salford Pride which will not only give the local area its own beer but will also benefit the charity itself.

The beer will be launched at the party in April, anyone wishing to attend can buy tickets here.

Image credit- Gaurav Chaddah

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